The Aftermath

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Fighter squadron:


The survivors of the Tombaugh attack must be evacuated from the Ribos system immediately. We do not have sufficient firepower to retake Ribos at this time. Your wing's objective will be to escort the Iota transports.
Other wings will be accompanying this convoy. Alpha wing will be in charge of this operation and will have command authority.
The convoy must reach the designated check point. Escort from this point onward will be provided by allied Vasudan forces, led by the PVD Pinnacle.
Hostile forces have been spotted all over this system, and there is a good chance that our convoy will be attacked by Shivan forces. All hostile forces should be eliminated.
The PVD Pinnacle will be arriving at the designated check point. This Typhon class Destroyer has one of the most skilled crews in the PVE. It will escort the refugees for the remainder of the journey.
Help the Pinnacle until it has dismissed you, then return to base. Many lives depend on this mission. Good luck.


You will like the Interceptor a lot in this mission, I guarantee it. At first, your wingmen will chat away heartily. At precisely 1:15 into the mission, the GTFR Nelson will startle you by jumping in. Quickly order it to depart; press {C}, {1}, {Page Down}, {5} then {3}. The trigger for Vishnu's departure is the destruction of the GTFr Nelson. The above procedure will thus keep Vishnu wing in the field of operations, allowing you to get the kills for it. After this, many wings of Shivan fighters and bombers will jump in and attack. There will be lots of them, so just pick them off one by one, going after the bombers first.

Before you know it, you'll be done and the Pinnacle will jump in. If there are any leftover Shivans when the Pinnacle jumps in, they will jump out and make you fail some directives. Once the Pinnacle has arrived, two wings of Basilisks will attack. They are easy prey, just eliminate them and jump out.


For some in-mission comical relief, pay attention to the mission post mortem (ie. the things that transpire after the mission objectives are done). The friendly wings will stave their way to the jump-out waypoint, with the Pinnacle in majestic tow. Before you know it, however, Sigma wing will do a 180 and subsequently be mangled by the Pinnacle. Why the death wish, you ask? Another one of FreeSpace's mysteries, I guess.

There's over 10 friendly wings in this one, most of them from the Pinnacle, and the mission would qualify as Battle of Endor if all those Vasudans had something to shoot at. As it turns out, the Shivans don't put up much of a fight and this is one of the easier FS missions.

Note that in the FSPort, your Interceptors are much more accurate. Use them in the same way as you use Harpoons and you'll be okay.

Notable ships present