The Enemy of my Enemy

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: Alpha Wing has to save the medical frigate Vigilant from pursuing Morgan Technologies attack groups.


Near Tau Sigma 9, a pirate convoy has been pursued by Morgan Technologies forces following the destruction of their mining platform. They are attempting to make their way to GTVA-controlled space to escape the Shivans.

While the convoy has enough armaments to ward off any fighter attack, Alpha Wing's attention is more focused on saving the medical frigate Vigilant, as her drive system has overloaded and has lagged behind the convoy.

The main objective is to make sure the Vigilant is protected from any MT attacks based from their Orion-class destroyer Auriga and her fighter attack groups. Additionally, should any Shivans come into play, they are to be engaged long enough such that Command can get a location from either the SD Nyarlathotep or SCv Tsathoggua.


You still have the same story-immune wing. Although your entire team is outfitted with Hercules Mark II fighters, you are recommended to fly a Perseus with at least one Prometheus S, Harpoons and Trebuchets.

Don't worry about the Erinyes fighters or the convoy craft, bypass them and focus on the Vigilant. Tell your team mates to defend the Vigilant, and destroy the Auriga's forward beam cannon that's far away. You only need three Trebuchets and a few shots from your main guns.

The rest of the action is to destroy a few waves of Perseus fighters, and then a wing of Dragons will show up. They will escape after a few minutes. After that, Manticores and Nahemas will show up. Initially the Nahemas will focus on the Auriga, but after it escapes, all Shivans will focus on the Vigilant. You only have to hold off the Nahemas, so they can escape and Allied Command can track their movements.

Destroy all Manticores and wait for the Vigilant to escape. After that, return to base.