The Gates of Babylon

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Liberate Beta Aquilae and force the EA fleet out.


The GTVA 4th and 5th Fleets are coordinating a strike on Babylon Station next to the Delta Serpentis node in a bid to drive the EA off to Delta Serpentis and liberate Beta Aquilae.

4th Fleet assets are to split up: the Reyes moves take out the EA destroyers Damascus and Lebanon, while the Raymayana attempts to drive off the EACA Argus. Should shock jumpers come into play, the Seleucus and Independence from 5th Fleet will move to intervene.


You will have two three-ship and two four-ship wings (by default, Alpha consists of Hercules Mark IIIs, Beta consists of Advanced Persei, Gamma and Delta consist of Artemi). Anything that can last 10 minutes against multiple waves of fighters and bombers will do. Bring some Stilettos to respond to capital beams.

Have your bombers guard the Raptor and Cyclone, while your heavy wing defends the Reyes.

Send your interceptors out to take out the Cyrus's interceptor screen (Lira and Cira Wings). When you get an opportunity, take out the Resolve's nose cannons. Then focus on the Damascus's nose cannon.

After the Damascus is disarmed, aim your efforts on bomber intercept (Luna and Iross Wings). Your capital ships can destroy the Damascus with their beams.

Then have your wingmen taking down Lux and Vox Wings of medium to heavy bombers, while you take out the Cyrus's Beam Cannons.

The Cyclone and Raptor will depart if they take too much damage. Try to keep them upright so they can assist in taking down the bombers. If they depart, have your bombers guarding the Reyes or assign them to drive off any incoming capital ships.

Once the Cyrus is driven off, the Lindos-class Niveneh will try to gun for the Ramayana. The Seleceus will come in from behind to counter and drive them into the node.

The GTCa Independence will force Babylon Station to surrender. When that's over, park in either the Reyes or Ramayana.

You will net a bonus should the Reyes's integrity stay above 50%.