The Great Hunt (FS2)

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Fighter squadron:




This is also a mission where you abilities to survive are better needed than your abilities at aiming, or evading incoming asteroids. You are tasked with the protection of the two Terran corvettes (GTCv Lysander, GTCv Actium). You encounter a SC Cain-class (SC Asuras) and a SC Rakshasa-class (SC Iblis) cruisers. Head against the fighters first. Destroy the beam cannons on the warships only if you have time/patience/way to do it. Destroy the bombers, too.

At the end of the mission, and warship of unknown class jumps in and vaporizes a corvette. The second corvette's destiny is in the hands of fortune, maybe it can escape or maybe not. Do not risk doing anything with the unknown warship. It is too powerful. Jump out as soon as both corvettes are down, or one (GTCv Actium) has jumped out.

Notable ships present

SD Ravana


The SD Ravana is not that powerful of a vessel. In fact if you're feeling a bit risky, you could go straight up to it and disable a few turrets if you want.