The Great Hunt (FS2)

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Fighter squadron: 107th Ravens

Description: The 107th assists the GTCv Lysander and GTCv Actium on a search-and-destroy mission in the nebula.


Due to recent successes in the civil war against the Neo-Terran Front, Allied Command can now spare two corvettes to assist in nebular operations. Alpha and Beta wings from the 107th Ravens are sortied to defend two corvettes, the GTCv Lysander and GTCv Actium, as they embark on a mission to locate and destroy two Shivan warships.


This is a mission where your abilities to survive while flying in between beams are tested. The default loadout for this mission should be fine. Alternatively, you can use a GTF Hercules Mark II armed with two banks of GTW Subach HL-7s and a bank of GTM Hornets.

You are tasked with the protection of the two Deimos-class corvettes, the Lysander and Actium. As the first two waves of Shivan fighters attack the corvettes, both warships come within sensor range of the Asuras, a Cain-class cruiser. Ignore the Asuras and destroy the fighters. Both corvettes can take the cruiser out on their own with few problems.

Once the Asuras goes down, a conversation ensues between your wingmen. You can use this time to rearm if you have used up most of your missiles. Otherwise, continue flying alongside the two ships and listen to the chatter. Once Command tells everyone to stop talking, you will see a few hostile ships on your radar, but too far away to be targeted. A short while later, they will enter your sensor range. Engage the Shivan fighters and destroy as many as you can. When a wing of Seraphim bombers arrive, break your attack and destroy all of them before they release their warheads. Continue engaging the Shivan fighters once you are done. Soon, the Lysander announces that it has detected the Iblis, and it opens fire on the Rakshasa-class cruiser. As before, leave the Iblis alone, unless if you want to get the kill for it.

When the Actium announces that the Iblis is going critical, fly away from both corvettes, as an unknown ship will jump in a short distance in front of them and open fire on the Lysander, destroying it. If the Actium still has at least 50% hull integrity left, it will survive getting hit by the unknown warship's beams as it jumps out. As the Actium leaves (or is destroyed), you will be ordered to return to base.


(Objectives are viewable by pressing F4 and going to the Objectives tab)

  • Primary Objectives:
    • Protect Actium and Lysander
  • Secondary Objectives:
    • Destroy Asuras
    • Destroy Iblis


  • There is an inconsistency between the mission briefing and the actual mission itself. While the mission briefing states that the Asuras is a Lilith-class cruiser, it is a Cain-class cruiser in the mission.
  • The Iblis is nerfed. It only has a single SRed out of the three on every other Rakshasa, so it is hardly a threat to the two corvettes.
  • The Lysander is fated to be destroyed in this mission. Even if you make the corvette invulnerable through cheating, or if you destroy the unknown warship's main guns before they can open fire, the Lysander will still be destroyed by a self-destruct event in the mission file.

Total number of forces

Forces involved

(*) May be replaced with the GTF Myrmidon

Technical information

The Great Hunt (FS2)
File name: SM1-06.fs2
File size: 66.2 KB
Author: Brad Johnson
Total number of objects: 33 (+5 waypoints)
Total number of wings: 10
Number of mission events: 76
Number of messages: 36
Event music: 1: Genesis
Briefing music: Brief6