The Lightning Marshal

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Original Author
See Below
Total Parts/Sequels
Part 1 Mod
  • 3 Mission Files
Part 2 Mod
  • 4 Mission Files
  • 1 WAV File
Part 3 Mod
  • (Not known)
Part 4 Mod
  • (Not known)

Original staff of Lightning Marsal

Stunaep - Project Leader, Story Writer, Fredder, Animator
Ulundel - Co-Leader, Fredder, Renderer, Modeler
Knight Templar - Fredder
Stealth - Web Designer, Fredder
Black Wolf - Voice Actor, Story editor
vyper - Voice Actor, renderer
deep_eyes - Spell checker, Story editor, texturer
Delta_7890 - Story Editor
Wildfire - Renderer, Fredder
Thorn - Animator, Renderer
Zeronet - Beta Tester
Skippy - Beta Tester
Silver_Scythe - Modeler
Odyssey - Modeler
TrashMan - Modeler
Analazon - Modeler
Dylan Nagel (from SAVAGE) - Voice Actor
Jennifer Alyx (from SAVAGE) - Voice Actor
Meredith Purk (from SAVAGE) - Voice Actor
Philip J Mather (from SAVAGE) - Voice Actor


The purpose of the Lightning Marshal project is to bring the Freespace community well developed missions and campaign, across regular intervals. The missions and campaigns will be focused on one ship: The GTCv Actium, and occasionally its sistership the GTCv Lysander The missions will occasionally featured mods - new ships, weapons and other things, which need to be defined in *.tbl files. Those files will be listed in the Mods section of this webpage. The missions will also include new command briefing animations, and hopefully voice acting. Those files will be listed in the dowloads section, along with the missions..

Part 1 by Spicious

The Actium goes against an NTF heavy warship - the NTD Liberty in this 3-mission campaign.

Part 2 by Spicious

The pilots of the 87th Space Cowboys are sent to guard a civilian convoy enroute to the NTF controlled system of Sirius. Little do they know that the NTF doesn't inted to sit by idly...

Part 3 by Stunaep

The Space Cowboys join the SOC while the Actium infiltrates the NTF on a top secret assignment. 13 action-packed missions, new music, cutscenes and voice acting.

Part 4 by (Stunaep)

The NTF has gone one step too far. After the contestation of Alpha Centauri by rebel forces, Allied Command has pulled all ships from Vega and Aldebaran, to conduct a massive strike at the NTF strongholds in Alpha Centauri. This will be the biggest strike since 2335. Meanwhile, another assignment is given for the Actium, one that will require going deep behind enemy lines....


This following campaigns is currently re-mastered for the sake of compatibilty with the latest FS Open. See Campaign Restoration for more information.

There is also a prequel to Lightning Marshal, named [The Regulus Campaign]. This campaign is also not suitable for FS Open.

Lightning Marshal Part 1 is the only part that is currently compatible with FS Open.

The files downloaded from the official website contain extras, such as command briefings, music tracks etc.

Campaign Restoration

Team of this Restoration

Leading Member: (Not known, guess is Karajorma)
Other Members: (Not known)

Current Progress

  • Part 1 is complete for FS Open
  • Part 2 is currently unknown
  • Part 3 is complete for FS Open
  • Part 4 has been claimed to be compatible, but could not be confirmed.

Player Comments

A nice campaign for retail, but not recommended to run on FS Open.

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FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project