The Lost Generation (campaign)

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This article is about the campaign. You may be looking for the Lost Generation.


Author: Orph3u5

Status: Work In Progress


For 32 years both Terrans and Vasudans have lifed in fear of another shivan invasion of their systems. As the destroyers return in Gamma Draconis, an avalanche of mistrust and lies is set in motion. But there is hope...

After her father's death, Samantha Ashcroft joins the ranks of the Neo-Terran Front. Seeking a better future for humanity she is with the last march of the NTF to Gamma Draconis and beyond. Unknown to her she has knowledge of a secret the GTVA longs to be destroyed...

As his squadron is reassigned form the civil war front in Alpha Centarui to Gamma Draconis Leutant Jarin is forced to stand against the Shivans, the GTVA's nemisis form the Great War. But the mission he and his wingmen are on is not as straight-forward as it might seem. Secrets and lies accompany the vasudan pilots at every turn...


  • Two Storylines in one release
  • A first insight into the "Workings Of The Warp"-continuity
  • Two "new" fighters (GVF Myrmidon and GVF Heset)

Author's Comments

As the development of Workings Of The Warp is taking its time I wanted to fill its universe with life, background and action.