The Number of the Beast

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With the Altair jump node destabilizing by the Nyarlathotep's presence, and access to Tau Sigma Station temporarily cut off, a union strike has taken place, and Alpha Wing finds itself knee-deep in the mess...


  • Available ships: Myrmidon, Hercules Mark Two, Perseus.
  • Available weapons: HL-7, SDG, Prometheus R/S, Maxim. Rockeye, Tempest, Harpoon, Hornet, Tornado.

You're going to be doing some close-quarters interception work, for this reason, a recommended loadout is a GTF Perseus with a Prometheus S, Tempests and Tornadoes.

You'll start in front of a jump node, alongside the GTCv Escher, in front of a really mad crowd (all designated neutral).

Listen to the three minutes of dialogue, then the Nyaralathorep will break in. A Fenris crew will panic, so take out its forward beam turret. Then a full-scale riot will happen. Take out any ships marked hostile (if the wing's named after a color, kill them).

Then a bunch of Artemis D.H. bombers will jump in, they'll go after the Sai. Kill them, and break their warheads while you're at it. You're also going to have to deal with some Hercules fighters assaulting the Sai, as for some reason your team mates won't target them.

After all the hell is over, just warp out.