The Romans Blunder

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Fighter squadron:



This is a more difficult mission. You seem to have no chance of catching the NTF Iceni, and it leaves the area. After a small conversation between the pilots and Command, two enemy freighters jump in with cargo, who are escorted by some fighters. Prioritize the fighters. Once they are gone, destroy the freighters. Do not splurge much effort at the containers, they are always destroyed by the shockwave of the explosion of the freighter carrying it.

After the freighters and the fighters are down, two NTF cruisers (NTC Glorious, NTC Imporvious) jump in and make your day difficult. They have fighter assistance as well. Try to lure them away by pulling back at the time they begin approaching on you. Without the assistance of the cruisers, they do not stand much long against you and your wingmen. Attack the cruisers after the fighters. The Glorious is the weaker one, target the anti-fighter beam(s) on it, and attack it with the GTM Tempests. Fire at will with your rockets to destroy the cruiser.

The Impervious is tougher (GTC Leviathan-class), the GVD Psamtik jumps in and will destroy it on her own. After these cruisers have been destroyed, you can leave the area. The mission is more difficult to survive than completing its mission goals. Disarm the cruisers of their anti-fighter beam turrets first.

Notable ships present

NTF Iceni
GVD Psamtik