The Romans Blunder

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Fighter squadron: 53rd Hammerheads

Description: The 53rd pursue Admiral Aken Bosch to the Sirius jump node.


Alpha wing of the 53rd is scrambled to intercept and destroy the NTF Iceni before it reaches the Deneb-Sirius jump node.


This is a scramble mission, so you cannot choose your loadout. You will be flying a GTF Myrmidon armed with two banks of GTW Subach HL-7s, a bank of Tempest dumbfire missiles and two banks of Rockeye heat-seeking missiles.

You will jump in 5000 meters away from the Iceni. The Neo-Terran Front command ship, on the other hand, is only 2000 meters away from the jump node. Feel free to either hang back or follow Command's orders to catch up to the Iceni; either way, the Iceni will escape.

After a small conversation between the pilots and Command, two enemy freighters will jump in with cargo, escorted by some rebel Loki fighters. Destroy the escorts first before attacking the freighters. The cargo containers on these freighters are scannable, but they are not important. Destroy them as well.

A short while after the freighters and fighters go down, the NTF send in two cruisers with Loki escort: the Glorious, a Fenris-class, and the Impervious, a Leviathan-class. Try to lure the escorts away from the cruisers by pulling back as soon as they approach you. Without the assistance of the cruisers, they will not last very long against you and your wingmen. When the fighter escorts are destroyed, the Psamtik will jump in and open fire on both cruisers with its forward armaments. Attack the Glorious first, as it is weaker. Feel free to unload all your missiles on it and pull back behind the Psamtik if you have to.

Attack the Impervious when the Glorious is destroyed. If you still have some wingmen, they will help you take it out. If not, the Psamtik will deploy reinforcements to assist you. Once the Impervious is destroyed, you will be ordered to return to base.


(Objectives are viewable by pressing F4 and going to the Objectives tab)

  • Primary Objectives:
    • Destroy the NTF Iceni
    • Destroy NTF freighters
  • Secondary Objectives:
    • Destroy the Glorious
    • Destroy the Impervious
    • Destroy NTF figters


  • The Psamtik will not arrive until you take out the Glorious and Impervious' fighter escorts, so make sure you do that first.
  • If you are out of wingmen by the time the Psamtik arrives, or as long as the Psamtik is present and you run out of wingmen, the destroyer will deploy Delta wing to assist you. This is not an option.


  • The note in this mission file reads, "This was the first mission I created for Volition. Originally this was designed to be the recond [sic] half of a red alert pair, to follow Brad's SM1-02. The difficulty was toned down several times to make it suitable for the beginning of the campaign."
  • This mission is best known for Admiral Bosch's message to Alpha wing as the Iceni departs:
"I regret your efforts to intercept us have failed, pilots. You would be well advised to question the wisdom of your leaders. Helm, engage subspace drive."

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 13 GTF Loki
    • Leo (3)
    • Gemini (4)
    • Scorpio (3)
    • Aquarius (3)

  • 13 GTF Loki
    • Leo (3)
    • Gemini (4)
    • Scorpio (3)
    • Aquarius (3)

Technical information

The Romans Blunder
File name: SM1-03.fs2
File size: 56.4 KB
Author: James Agay
Total number of objects: 31 (+4 waypoints)
Total number of wings: 7
Number of mission events: 29
Number of messages: 31
Event music: 3: Leviticus
Briefing music: Brief3