The Stars are Right

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: Unknown.


With the revelation that Morgan Technologies has been behind all the pirate attacks in GTVA territories, their research teams are being pulled out of the SD Nyarlathotep, sealed and docked some ways off from Tau Sigma Station. The research teams inside feel something's not completely right...


Available assets are Alpha and Beta Wings (both 4 Myrmidons each by default). Give everyone Prometheus S cannons and at least one bank of Tornado missiles.

Although Beta Wing is twenty kilometers away escorting the Impresari, send them to defend the Penemude, Plato, and Sai (don't worry, they'll make it in time, given they are flying the Perseus or Myrmidon). Meanwhile, Alpha is escorting the Irving. Send one or two fighters from Alpha to defend it, have Alpha 2 (which is just Lt. Mackie) covering you. Stay near the Nyarlathotep, but keep your distance.

After four minutes of dialogue, you realize the research teams inside the Nyarlathotep are in for a nasty surprise... then a Moloch comes in with a bunch of Nephilims, Nahemas, Manticores, Taurvis, and Maras. Keep the skies clear as long as you can... and those three ships you should probably send someone to defend earlier? They're individual secondary objectives. So if you want to achieve those objectives, have someone covering them. Some friendly capital ships will also come in to drive off the Moloch, so let them do their job.

Stay away from the Moloch and the Nyarlathotep. They have anti-fighter beams and flak which will eat you up pretty quickly.

Some fighters will break away to take on the Irving. If you have one or two fighters defending it, they should thin them out and the Irving has a flak gun, so it can somewhat defend itself.

After the Shivans escape, clear any light craft in the area, and return to base.