The Storm Breaks

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Reinforce a strike force in Ross 128.


In high orbit above Ross 128C, the GTCv Dexamene and her strike group had engaged the EA's SR-4 installation. However, the strike has deteriorated.

Alpha and Beta Wings are on scramble call to reinforce.


You have Alpha and Beta Wings, flying Advanced Persei with Subach HL-12s, Maelstrom and Corinthos missiles.

Uh... uh oh. The Dexamane and her escorts have been destroyed, and the whole battle space is a mess. Also, take a look at the planet out in the distance. Ignore the capital ships on the far side, they'll run off.

In the meantime, start scanning the SR-4 Installation, then scan for surviving ships. The rest of your squadron expresses their worry, and for good reason, including communications disruption.

Once you scan the last ship, if it hasn't dawned on anyone yet, some familiar looking ships appear...

... yeah, that is not good at all.

At that point, start evading and get yourself to a safe distance point. Watch out for beam cannons targeting you and your wingmen. Try to not lose them as much as possible.

Once you get to safe distance, get out of there.