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==Total number of forces==
==Total number of forces==
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Description: In which the player attacks an Aesdherian installation.


Before launching a direct attack on the Aesdherian homeworld, the Core orders the Apesokari to assault a tactical target, the installation Sabre. Though the Empire views the Aesdherians with contempt, they would not risk sending in the Apesokari until the Sabre's beam cannons are active. Aleph wing's primary goal is to destroy the beam cannons so that the Apesokari can strike the finishing blow without suffering too much damage.

The assailants encounter little resistance for a while. However, an Aesdherian carrier, the Damocles, escorted by two Claw-class cruisers emerges from subspace and confront the Apesokari and the corvette Amerlia. The Apesokari jumps out before the Aesdherian defenders could disable her. The Apesokari's captain, High Exarch Razch'Tar attributes the enemy's manoeuvre to mere luck.

It is estimated that the Apesokari will soon come under attack.



  • Completely remade once

Total number of forces