The Wrong Door

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: Unknown.


Multiple stealth scouts have been deployed in-system to suspected rallying points for the Shivan armada... Alpha is assigned to one such point.


You can only use the GTF Pegasus for this mission.

You and Alpha 2 notice there's a lot of Shivan ships. Target each capital ship for two seconds to get a reading. You should see three destroyers, three Moloch-class corvettes, and fifteen cruisers. It may be necessary to fly deep in the fleet so you can target each. If you're near a corvette, scan it so you can get an objective done sooner. Just beware of Cancer and Aries wings (flying Manticores and Aeshmas respectively).

After you get a head count, if you haven't done so, scan the three corvettes, and after that, scan the destroyers' Navigation subsystem. If you're in front of the Nyarlathotep, it will summon a Knossos portal. Don't freak out, keep scanning if you need to. After that, fly as far as you can.

The fleet will go into subspace, and the fighters will be left behind. Kill them if you want to. The Cypher and Escher will be on their way to assist. After they come into the scene and a bit of dialogue happens, you can leave the area.