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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: A GTVA Task Force attempts to stop a warship attempting to defect to the Earth Alliance.


With GTVA forces having a foothold in Sol, operations are underway to cripple the Earth Alliance's Command and Control capabilities in Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto.

However, at Ganymede, the GTCV Soyuz and their captain Edward Kelly are believed to have gone rogue, their last known position: an EA supply depot outside the asteroid belt. GTVA wings are assigned to destroy the depot and eliminate Kelly.


Alpha Wing will be flying a four-ship formation of Advanced Persei (fixed: Prometheus with full racks of Arrow Missiles). Beta and Gamma wings are default Cyones, however if you intend to destroy the Lycaon outposts faster, you can switch one wing out for bombers (the Danaus is preferred).

Take out the fighter wings first (Echelon, Terra and Gaia wings, consisting of each generation of Claymores). Once they are cleaned out, Delta Wing of Sabus bombers will join in.

A GTT Argo will self-destruct with one of the outposts, and after a conversation with Command, you will be told this is an SOC operation. The SOCD Orpheus will arrive on station, along with the Argo-class Azure. Send a wing to defend the Soyuz as they are evacuated by the Azure, and continue on with destroying the other outposts.

The Tereus-class Damascus will arrive. Assist the Orpheus by taking out the beams facing her.

Once the Soyuz's crew is evacuated, the Orpheus will detect two Lindos-class destroyers. Follow her out.


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