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==Notable ships present==
==Notable ships present==
* Unidentified ([[GVFr Satis]])
* Omaha ([[GTT Elysium]])
[[Category: Derelict]]
[[Category: Derelict]]

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Fighter squadron: 212th Silver Scythes
Description: Um?


Alpha leader, I think we're lost. While you were in your sleep stage, we've come out of subspace into some kind of dense gas field. Our instruments are scrambled, and we don't quite know where we are. Keep a sharp lookout. Seems we've stumbled into some kind of rabbit hole that wasn't on the charts. We won't launch any beacons until we can find out where we are...


This is the dream mission. Another example of the Derelict team's creativity. The Volition Bravos actually make an appearance in this mission as a sensor blip, but you never get a chance to see them (they warp out when you get close).


Notable ships present