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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars

Description: Defend Aenaes Station from an EA destruction attempt.


The 74th Templars are called to assist in the defense of Aenaes Station in Delta Serpentis, and ensure any stranded civilian vessels can leave.


You have two four-ship wings to start.

Start by taking out Audax and Risa Wings. Then go reduce the Archimedes transport to scrap. You can ignore the Raven's Claw from that point on.

Set Epsilon Wing (of Hercules Mark IIIs) to defend the station. Assign your other wings to the defensive line as needed (the Actium, Samar and any Remote Beam Cannons).

Take out any fighters or bombers you see threatening the defensive line. If you have Stilettos, take out the frontal Beam Cannons of the Indomitable (watch out for the Nobunaca's anti-air defenses).

Once you get the distress call from the refugee convoy, call all wings to Engage the Enemy, but focus one wing on the Sargasso (the first freighter to be potentially trashed by Vox Wing of Aetnas).

After that, assist the defenders in driving off the Indomitable and Nobunaca.

The station notices a transport has docked with a parked ship, the Epimetheus. As much as your squadron can try to disarm or disable it, she'll give you the slip.

After tall of that, jump back to base.