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==Renegade Legion Total Conversion==
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I think it would be quite a good idea to preserve the universe of the Renegade Legion (one of the most potent and rich sci-fi universes I actually had the pleasure of witnessing). Unfortunately, since the demise of FASA, all that's left of the Renegade Legion material is a bunch of old non-updated web pages.
Provided a few MODs and tables, I believe the Renegade Legion will be a charming addition to the FreeSpace 2 library of TCs. Furthermore, the FRED editor will ensure the "preservation" of the universe (with the help, no doubt, of the last scattered Renegade fans).
The way I envision it, the story will take place just after the PC title "Renegade: The Battle for Jacob's Star" (the only space sim RL game revolving around characters and a plot) and could continue to the end of the war with the TOG. The presence of a mysterious race called the Hivers might also give the "unknown threat spark" FreeSpace addicts remember from the Shivans.
In short, I think that once several ongoing projects have been completed, this will definitely be worth it!
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