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This page is meant to serve as a repository of recent, common problems.


Random CTD upon starting a mission

Most commonly, this results from using mv_music with an older build (circa 3.6.5). Try removing mv_music, or upgrading to a more recent build, and see if that resolves the problem.


Blue lines are appearing in the interface

This is caused by using both -pcx32 and anti-aliasing at the same time. Try disabling one or the other and see if it helps.


Every time I try to play an OGG, fs2_open crashes

You're likely using an older build. The OGG code has a tendency to pop up with new problems; try a newer build and see if that fixes it, otherwise, report it to mantis.


Fs2NetD tells me I'm using hacked tables!

Unfortunately, all the bugs aren't worked out of tbl validation yet, so Fs2NetD gives this error for any kind of table. In the future, only approved modified .tbl files, as well as the retail ones, will be supported.

Tech Room

Tech Room CTDs when viewing weapons or intelligence

Reset the tech room by entering the Campaing Selection screen and restarting any of the available campaings. After this the Tech Room works correctly. Common occurrance when using multiple mods.