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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


UX Accelerator Tech Model.png
The UX Accelerator

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The Oxys-Ultor UX Accelerator is an experimental fighter weapons system designed to provide a powerful attack option to experienced pilots. Based on the Redeemer heavy cannon, this smaller caliber cannon fires ultra-dense antimatter-cored projectiles with penetration power unparalleled among conventional fighter-mounted primary weapons. It is currently being field-tested by a selected few squadrons. Intended applications include the rapid destruction of light targets such as freighters, transports, bombers and gunboats, as well as powerful strikes against warship subsystems.



Range 2000 m
Rate of Fire 0.5 shots per second
Velocity 900 ms-1
Base Damage 120
Armor Damage 1.0x 120
Shield Damage 1.0x 120
Subsystem Damage 0.25x 30


  • Weapon has limited ammunition (Ballistic)
  • Fires in bursts of 4 shots, with .25 second between each shot, every 2 seconds.

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