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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: It's time to go home.


Engineers believe they've replicated the conditions that originally caused the inter-universe transit. It's a long shot, but by jumping back through the Delta Serpentis node to Sol, you should be able to return to your home universe.

As the 14th Battle Group attempts to make its way home, a massive war has erupted between the Shivans and Vishnans.


Disregard the two massive Shivan and Vishnan presences. Engage incoming Shivan bombers, and be careful of the bomb shockwaves.

Make sure to keep an eye on the overall situation. Use the F3 menu to highlight Shivan wings if need be. If any of the vulnerable cruisers come under attack, sortie your wingmen to defend them.


It's unclear whether the jump home would have succeeded without Vishnan assistance.

The revelations in the dialogue between the Preserver and the Dante are ambiguous. The war between the two powers may be over, or it may continue to rage in this universe (or even between universes.)

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