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| style="width:200px" | [[Bad Ulysses]] {{WH}}{{WU}}{{WN}}{{BC}}
| style="width:200px" | [[Bad Ulysses]] {{WH}}{{WU}}{{WN}}{{BC}}
| style="width:200px" | [[GTF Perseus Adv]]
| style="width:200px" | [[GTF Perseus Adv]] {{WH}}
| style="width:200px" | [[GVAf Apis]]
| style="width:200px" | [[GVAf Apis]]
| style="width:200px" | [[SF Chelob]] {{WU}}
| style="width:200px" | [[SF Chelob]] {{WU}}

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Icon Descriptions

The following icons are used throughout this page to describe various aspects of the mods in question.

UMS-WH.png - HTL or High Poly model
UMS-WU.png - UV Mapped model (Does not use tile maps)
UMS-WN.png - Normal Mapped
UMS-BC.png - Cockpit
UMS-RI.png - Incomplete (Pof errors, Lacks a table file, etc.)

Please note - the addition of icons is an ongoing process as of July 2012, and all ships may not yet be accurately tagged.

The following is a list of released, user-made ship mods for Freespace 2, for use in the creation of custom missions and campaigns.

Downloadable mods

Fighter Craft

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
Bad Ulysses UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png GTF Perseus Adv UMS-WH.png GVAf Apis SF Chelob UMS-WU.png AF Charlatan UMS-WU.png
CCF Minsk UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTF Phoenix (Nuke) GVDr Scarab SF Chimera UMS-WU.png AF Kato UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
CCF Volkov UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTF Phoenix (TrashMan) GVF Anouke UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png SF Gorgon UMS-WU.png AF Phylaki UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
EAF Acheron UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTF Raziel UMS-RI.png GVF Apis SF Harpy UMS-WU.png Bek'Tah Interceptor UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
EAF Claymore Mk1 GTF Selkie UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png GVF Ennead SF Hydra UMS-WU.png HEF Blizzard UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
EAF Claymore Mk2 GTF Starstrider GVF Heket SF Ifrit UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png KCSL Kama UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
EAF Claymore Mk3 GTF Svalin GVF Heptu SF Naga UMS-WU.png Lethe UMS-WU.png
EAF Lethe UMS-WU.png GTF Vampire GVF Heset UMS-WU.png SF Scorpion II Lizard Huntercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
EAF Stentor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTF Vesuvius GVF Imset UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png SF Serpent UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png Lizard Killercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
EAF Styx GTF Ymir GVF Khepri UMS-WU.png SF Succubus (INF) UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png Lizard Swarmercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
FTF Jackal UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTVF Hestia GVF Mihos SF Succubus (Nuke) UMS-WU.png NF Banshee UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
FTF Lancer UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png IH2 Sunrider GVF Reshef Space Spider NF Larvae UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
FTF Mig UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png ITF Anan GVF Saqqara NF Phantasm UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
FTF Wraith UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png ITF Benkei GVF Scarab NF Unknown UMS-WU.png
FTFx Thor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png ITF Oni GVF Seker UMS-WN.png RLF Panther UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Achilles UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png PF Chimera GVF Shrike RLF Tigris UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Agias UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png PF Hellbat GVF Shu T-MF Cataphract UMS-WU.png
GTF Alves PF Satyr PVDr Jackal T-MF Hussar UMS-WU.png
GTF Angel PF Shagrath PVF Seshat UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png UF Notus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png
GTF Antaeus PF Vulture VEF Anhur MkIV AKF Eitr UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Apollo Prototype PTF Kulas UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png VEF Aoh HAF Super Sylph UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Archon Pyro GX VEFx Yaaru HAF Yukikaze Mave UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Aurora UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png Scimitar (Aldo) VRC Inpu UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png HAF Vic Viper UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Autolycus SOF Banshee HAF Rynex UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Carabus SOF Chaos
GTF Chaos SOF Horae
GTF Cyone SOF Ophion
GTF Daedelus Spacesuit
GTF Donar STVsF Nightwing
GTF Draco TDr Firebee
GTF Enceladus TF Falcon UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Eos TF Gefjon UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Ezechiel TF Ion
GTF Falcon TF Kestrel UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Hercules Mk3 TF Kvasir
GTF Icarus TF Mustang Alpha UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Kelpie TF Mustang Beta UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Keres TF Shrike UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Ladiel UEF Izra'il UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Leto UTF Cherokee
GTF Losna UTF Comanche
GTF Maverick UTF Seminole
UEF Ainsarii

Bomber Craft

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
CCB Gurkov GTB Hydra GTVB Hesat SB Durja UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png AB Attis UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
EAB Gagana GTB Jotun GVB Atlas SB Kahlan AB Satyr UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
EAB Peregrine GTB Kronus GVB Imset SB Kasdeya AB Zakros UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
FTB Saracen GTB Maelstrom GVB Petbe SB Vindhyachal Bek'Tah Bomber
GTB Apollyon GTB Nemesis VEB Shai SB Yali NB Unknown
GTTB Armageddon GTB Phoebus GVB Anhur T-MB Cuirassier
GTB Holler GTB Rhea UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png NB Ghoul
TB Atlas UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTB Sabus
GTB Azaes GTsB Scimitar
GTB Callisto GTB Surt
GTVB Chnubis GTB Thunderbolt
GTB Claymore GTB Uriel
GTB Danaus PB Sepuelture
GTB Diana UTB Navajo
GTB Gagana UTB Yurok
GTB Hera SOB Jotun D.H.
UEB Vajradhara UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png GTB Archangel
GTB Berserker UEB Lapith
GTB Athena Mk2

Capital Ships (Cruisers, Corvettes, Frigates and Gunships)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
CCCa Andropov SOC Orc GVC Aten Mk2 SC Abel AC Gordia UMS-WN.png
EAC Aesacus TC Damocles GVC Mafdet SC Lamia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png AC Heraklion UMS-WN.png
EAC Avalonian UEC Sanctus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVC Mekhet SC Raguel AC Malia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
EAC Eclipse EACv Darkness UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GVC Newet UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png SC Rictus NC Unknown
EAC Evangelist GTCv Ajax GVC Sai SCv Scylla ACv Malia
GTC Aegis (158th) GTCv Alexandria GVC Somtus SFg Damini ACv Phaistos UMS-WN.png
GTC Aegis (OTT) GTCv Bellerophon UMS-WH.png GVC Asarte SGs Asura NCv Unknown
GTC Aegis (IPA) GTCv Chimera UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVC Naunet AC Heraklion (ASW) UMS-WN.png
GTC Alcyone GTCv Chiron HLC Defiler AKFf Adamantium UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTBC Black Widow GTCv Cobra VEC Joh AKCve Orichalcum UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTBC Blade GTCv Eris GVCv Mandes KCSL Hecatos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTC Boreas GTCv Nike GVCv Pachet AKCs Iliaster UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTC Cretheus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTCv Oberon GVCv Udjat BTDa Skeleton
GTC Eris GTCv Ragnarok GVCv Petbe FTCa Tethys
GTC Garm UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTCv Reyena UMS-WH.png VECv Duat
GTC Gryphon GTCv Valhalla VECv Geb
GTC Hyperion UMS-WH.png ITCv Raiden GVMCv Wepwawet
GTC Mars NTCv Echelon GVC Repten
GTxC Njord PTCv Baranek GVCv Satyrs
GTC Odysseus SOCv Ehreos GTVF Amon-Re
GTC Ophion SOCv Neptune GVC Tuket
GTC Orc SOCv Phobos Adv GVGs Hemsut
GTCt Piranha GTFg Chrysaor
GTC Ticonderoga GTFg Retribution
GTC Tyr GTFf Saphah
GTC Unknown UEFg Karuna UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTC Vidar UEFg Narayana UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
LPC Galleon GTGs Antwerpen
PC Rumrunner GTGs Enforcer
ITC Dainishi GTGb Praetorian
GTCv Morana GTC Rhea
GTCv Tane GTCv Phobos
SOC Oculus GTC Avenger
GTVFg Arpyia GTMf Sparta
Phoenix Rising UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTCv Calypso
GTC Atlantis UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png FTFf Northampton UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
FTFf Impervious UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png UEC Custos

Large Capital Ships (Carriers, Destroyers and Super Destroyers)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
GTBCr Tennyson GTD Gaia GVCa Kabechet SCa Shiamak ACa Akrotiri UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
EACa Telemus GTD Henderson UMS-WN.png GVCa Tanen SD Iblis AD Achladia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTCa Canberra UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTD Hera GVD Apothess SD Kismat AD Odigitria UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTCar Fury GTD Icelus GVD Asarte SD Vassago UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png AD Pylos UMS-WN.png
GTCa Galaxy GTD Legion (Orion) GVD Hedetet SSD Diablo ND Unknown
GTTCa Hestia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GTD Megaera HLD Mefdef ASD Minos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTCa Phoenix UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GTD Ioa VCI Bastet HEC Typhoon UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTCr Trifid GTHD Orion Mk2 GVSD Hetka AKBc Azoth UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTCa Warlock GTD Orion Phase II GVD Hathor UMS-WN.png NCa Vampire UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
TCa Constellation GTD Raynor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GVD Pharaoh UMS-WH.png Icarus
TCa Sagittarius GTD Sirona UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GVD Apophis UMS-WH.png
EAD Lindos GTD Titan UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
EASD Nemesis GTD Wotan
EAD Tereus GTD Zagreus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
CCD Kiev ITD Ryujin
FD Vexor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png NTD Liberty
GTD Agamenmon Emperor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTD Alexander SOD Segomo
GTD Atropos TD Reliant
GTD Boreas UED Solaris UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTD Daegon UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GTCa Nemesis (Old)
GTSD Bastion SOC Galatea
SOSD Olemus GTSD Odin
GTSD Anchorage UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png

Super Capital Ships (Battleships, Dreadnoughts and Juggernauts)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
GTVBS Archangel Mk2 UMS-WH.png SODn Solaris GVSJ Sechat-Hor SJ Amritaya AJ Androgeos UMS-WN.png
GTDn Archangel TSJ Icanus SSJ Dante UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png Vishnan Preserver
GTBs Moscow UMS-WH.png GTVA Colossus Mk II UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png SSJ Gigas AJ Androgeos (Old)
GTVA Titan UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png TSJ Amaterasu UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png SPD Vinaashak HEHc Hurricane V UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
SSJ Gigas (Old)

Installations (Dry Docks, Star Bases and Jump Gates)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
CI Haven GTI Melia GVI Abthys SI Acridon AI Thera UMS-WN.png
EAI Andromeda GTI Nareos UMS-WH.png GVI Cairo SI Arachnas UMS-WN.png AI Pyrgos UMS-WN.png
EAI Lycaon GTI Samson GVI Cairo Extension SI Hara AKI Alkahest UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTI Acheron GTDI Titan GVI Cheops Shivan JumpGate
GTI Aeglos UMS-WH.png GTI Whitehall UMS-WH.png GVI Karnak UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SI Arachnas(Old)
GTExD Arcadia Defender ITI Yomi GVI Ogdoad
GTI Arcas PCI Phoron
GTI Asteria UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png TI Achilles
GTI Athens TSS Exos
GTI Atlantis TDS 1
GTI Bretonia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png TPG 1
GTI Chamelion Alliance Jump Gate UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTDk Acropolis UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTExA
GTDS Goliath UMS-WH.png Intrasystem Gate
GTExC Asteroid Installation
Jump Gate Gas Refinery UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTI Silex UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png

Non-Combatants (Freighters, Transports and Auxilliaries)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
EAFr Belus GTT Corsair UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GVFr Shai ST Xerxes UMS-RI.png RLFr Margay UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTFr Aether GTT Naxos GVT Isten ATT Dallie UMS-WN.png
GTDS Briareos GTT Svalin UMS-WU.png GVT Qeb AS Kamilari UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTFr Clarius GTT Titan GVT Sesmu Bek'Tah Support Ship UMS-WU.png
GTFr Cyllene TT Pericles GVSC Imhotep AFr Phaistos UMS-WN.png
GTFr Demeter UET Kadmos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVSC Neith
GTFr Sizifus UET Upanishad UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTFr Ulmo GTA Caerus
GTFr Vela GTE Ehnaton
UEFr Demeter GTE Vidar
TG Bromios TSC Icarus
GTCol Columbus UEA Oculus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTCVl Majestic Terran Probe UMS-WU.png
GTCVl Splendid GTEP Bachus
GTL Anemoi UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GTS Abaris
UEM Florence UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GTS Eos
GTFT Constantine GTT Anatis
GTSC Copernicus PATr Baracuda
GTSC Cyrene GTT Star Rider
GTDr Phidias UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTT Wyvern UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png
GTSh Mercury UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png UES Aranyaka

Other (Cargo Pods, Sentry Guns, Etc)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
EAFr Belus Cargo GTFr Vela Cargo Vasudan Mine SSG Annihilator RLCg A09
GTFr Clarius Cargo TDM Hephaestus GVSG Ammut SSG Erebos RLCg A17
GTFr Cyllene Cargo GTSG Balmung SSG Somnath AC Phaistos Cargo UMS-WN.png
GTFr Sizifus Cargo 1 GTSG Euphrates TDD
GTFr Sizifus Cargo 2 GTSG Safat Alien Defense Station
BSSG Myrdin Stalker Class Probe UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png UNX
GTSG Gungnir GTSG Gunstar Serious Sandwich
GTSG Wolverine GTSG Pyre
Cargo Platform UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png Modular Construction Kit UMS-WH.png
TGas-1 UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTSG Sleipnir UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
Gas Ring UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png

Notes to Wiki contributors

  • To add a new ship use a sample template or copy and modify the source from an existing page. For screenshots I've been going with the size 480x340 as standard. But this is completely arbitrary and anything around that size is probably acceptable.
  • The format can be difficult to edit. It is perfectly acceptable to simply tack on your ship at the bottom of the appropriate column. Someone else can then later edit it in if desired.
  • When adding, please place your new ship in the appropriate column. There are two columns for Terrans, one for Vasudans and Shivans and one for other. If your ship belongs to a non-canon species please place it in the OTHER column.
  • This is for mods which are not meant as replacements for stock models. Meaning that, an HTL version of the GTFr Chronos does not belong here. Modified stock models on other hand may be acceptable. Ie the GTFr Aether is a Chronos with a pod attached and an extra turret.
  • Should two different models have the same name, add the author's name in brackets as a suffix. (or alternatively the mod pack name)
  • Add only ready models which are released and freely available. Always include a download link. It is okay if you later update it.
  • If you do not want to write a description for your mod, simply add the name of your ship, which redirects the browser to a download link or website.