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* [[FTFp Rhea]]
* [[FTFp Rhea]]
* [[FTCa Eltreum]]: Modeled only.
* [[FTCa Eltreum]]: Modeled only.
* [[HAF Vic Viper]]: Model optimizations.
* [[HAF Vic Viper]]: Model optimizations.
* [[HAF Rynex]]: Model optimizations + textures.
* [[HAF Rynex]]: Model optimizations + textures.
* [http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=84463.msg1687139#msg1687139 A bunch of classified ships]
* [http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=84463.msg1687139#msg1687139 A bunch of classified ships]

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Hello, my name is Andrew Berger, otherwise known as AndrewofDoom. I'm a modder for FreeSpace Open, but I have experience in Unreal Engine 2 and 3 and in the cousin series Descent. I specialize in 3d asset development and startup mods of their own original IPs.


I've known and played FreeSpace for more than 12 years. Around 2009, I decided to seriously begin modding after being inspired from playing Droid803's Tides of Darkness. Various projects ended as soon as they started.

Mods Worked on

Missions and Campaigns

My first campaign I had worked with any serious amount was Stellar Assault FSO, to which I made missions for the mod. Later on I joined Wings of Dawn where I did proofreading and rewrote some of the tech descriptions of weapons.



  • Wings of Dawn: Proofreading of Weapons.tbl and beta testing. Also made a few assets for the canceled Wings of Dawn 2 before leaving for rather embarrassing reasons on my part. It did become a good experience for me as I was able to learn how to model, texture, and rig ships for the first time.
  • Stellar Assault FSO: Mission designer, project has gone inactive.

Mod Assets

Throughout my time, I've worked on various models and textured other things. My main programs I use are Nevercenter Silo and GIMP for development, and Blender and Paint.net for conversion.


While they existed prior to my joining of the Wings of Dawn team, they really didn't have any coherent shape until I was part of the Wings of Dawn 2 team. With good intentions, I pitched to Spoon the idea. It went from rather bad writing examples to okay but don't fit at all. They were a near human species that served as proxies for the reclusive species of hairy monsters called the Soronans. In the end they were eventually rejected due to how they were really hard to fit in terms of story and gameplay.

Feeling okay about it, but totally bummed out that I had made stuff in vain, I ventured to make the mod I had wanted. It became Terran Epiphany and they got a new backstory to go with it. Yet, I felt I had no desire to hold on to them due to their infamous case of a "Technicolor paintjob".

Their fate in the end is uncertain to me.

KCSL Ships

  • KCSL Kama: Modeled and textured by me.
  • KCSL Reaper: Model and textures.
  • KCSL Scythe: Model and textures. Came in two variants due to weapon configuration of a bank had been setup for a Descent Spreadfire and Helix knockoff.
  • KCSL Opotos: Model and textures.
  • KCSL Hecatos: Modeled by Axem, but textured by me. It was the first thing I ever textured.

Other Works

These are things I made for other mods or just in my own time or as part of another mod team.

Wings of Dawn

  • Nordera Blacksmith: Model only.


Dimensional Eclipse