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Hello. My screen name is Androgeos Exeunt. Since almost everyone on HLP calls me as either Andro, Androgeos or AE, feel free to address me using either one of those three.

Articles Created

These are the articles that I've made from scratch, listed here for reference. Keep in mind that statistics and tech room descriptions are done by other people; I was only responsible for creating these articles on this wiki (for others to edit).

  1. Vishnan Sacred Keeper
  2. GVB Amun Mark II
  3. PCD Saturn
  4. GTNB Pharos
  5. Vishnan Missile
  6. Vishnan Primary
  7. Vishnan Beam Weapons
  8. Vishnan Missionary
  9. Vishnan Megabomb
  10. Vishnan Seeker
  11. Vishnan Ultrabomb
  12. Vishnan Inquisitor
  13. Vishnan Protector
  14. Vishnan Arbiter
  15. SBlue
  16. BBlue
  17. HBlue
  18. TerSlashBlue
  19. Balor
  20. TerPulse
  21. STerPulse

Since the idea of a wiki is to allow anyone to edit and copy texts (under a GNU license that I can't be bothered to read), feel free to copy anything I've written. You don't need to give credit if you don't want to. ☺

Community Activities

Most of my time in the FreeSpace community is spent on the Hard Light Productions Forums, where I am a member. In addition, I'm also usually available on the HLP IRC.

My contributions to the community, admittedly, are minor; the two biggest things that I've ever done is to create a logo for the FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project and simulate a broadside battle between the GTVA Colossus and SD Lucifer. I also do the occasional request by other members to test something out in FreeSpace 2.

Nice Ships

Here are some nice ships I came across while looking around this wiki. There are more ships listed here.

Something Distracting