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(Helpful Pages I've Done: Preparing for future documentation!)
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===SEXP Reference===
===SEXP Reference===
*[[Advanced Cutscene SEXP Reference]]
*[[Advanced Cutscene SEXP Reference]]
===Script Reference===
*[[Script - Journal/Fluff Viewer]]
*[[Script - System Viewer]]
*[[Script - Interface Monitor]]

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About Axem!

Hello! I am Axem, friendly administrator on the HLP forums. I can FRED (make missions), model, UVMap, texture, script and make rough effects. Just don't ask me to do any of it for you, I've got enough to do! But I can help guide you to the right path. Below you'll find some of the stuff I've done here over the years.

My Campaigns

Projects I Help With

My Ships

Other WIPS can be seen on my p3d page

Helpful Pages I've Done


SEXP Reference

Script Reference