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Hello, i'm a french man ( sorry for my bad english) and i do a mod for SCP. This mod include a Terran campaign and few new weapons.

Weapon (name are not definitif): GTW Subach MG-8: Gatling Gun Prototype Rate of fire: 66 Terran

GTW Subach MG-9: Gatling Gun RoF: 100 Terran

GTW Subach MG-10: Gatling Gun RoF: 166 Terran

BMekhu: Beam Vasudan

BShivan: Beam Shivan

Shivan Mega Flak: Flak Shivan

History: (The tempory name is 9rd Fleet)

Just after the destruction of Capella systeme, a testing fleet made for the new GTD Zeus( a GTD Hades class most powerfull) will fight with a shivan fleet led by the SD Belzebuth ( a SD Lucifer class). During this campaign the GTVA discovers the shielding technologie use for the SD Lucifer and use it on a GTD Hecate class and on the GTD Zeus. But a big surprise wait the GTVA: The Amiral Aken Bosch do a alliance with shivan.

I need help for a lot of things: new weapon for shivan ( shivan is a playable species but they have only 6 primaries weapon and all secondaries weapon are terran) a new support ship for shivan .ani for briefing and weapon movie voice ( for english voice only) etc ...