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o hai o/

I go by many pseudonyms. One of them is Fisk. Another one is Jeff Vader. The rest are a secret. I run the Death Star. ...I mean I offer FreeSpace tech support and other related services. Also, I like Japanese rock/metal, tea and scifi. And I don't like Mobius.

Relevant History

~July '06

  • FreeSpace 2

May '07

  • Join Hard Light Productions

June '07

  • New kettle

May '08

  • Promotion to moderator
  • New mouse

December '08

  • New coffeemaker

January '09

  • New phone

~May '09

  • Promotion to global moderator
  • New mousepad
  • Netbook

~July '09

  • Mental breakdown



If you see someone asking for help, and you know the solution to the problem, respond. Respond immediately! By doing that you

  • make sure that the person asking for help gets help as soon as possible
  • do the good deed of the day
  • reduce the amount of work that I and The E have to do
  • make the Easter Bunny, the lawyer and actually everybody else happy.