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| style="width:200px" | [[TCSF Ajax]]
| style="width:200px" | [[TCSF Ajax]]
| style="width:200px" | [[TCD AthenaX]]
| style="width:200px" | [[TCD Athena]]
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Ohai o/

Random contributor, former Homeworld 2 modder for 8 years, creator of HWBP, member of the Between the Ashes and Blue Planet teams.

Hum, what else ?

Oh yeah, HLP's local Frenchman. All Snails behold !


Nothing to do here.

Favourite User-made Ship List

This is intended as a list of quality ships, filtering most of the old, ugly and/or bad-quality ships of the official User-made Ships list from a subjective point of view. The choices made in this filtering are my own and I am not trying to impose them on anyone, but I hope it will help other modders finding quality assets more easily than with the old list.

This list is not finished yet, but I am still open to suggestions.

More cool ships on the Diaspora Ship List.

Fighter Craft

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
Bad Ulysses UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png GTF Perseus Adv UMS-WH.pngUMS-BC.png GVF Imset UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png SF Chimera UMS-WU.png AF Kato UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
UEF Ainsarii TF Proton GVF Anouke UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png SF Gorgon UMS-WU.png AF Phylaki UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Claymore UTF Seminole GVF Reshef SF Ifrit UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png Bek'Tah Interceptor UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
EAF Claymore Mk1 GTF Selkie UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png PVF Seshat UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SF Naga UMS-WU.png HEF Blizzard UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Losna UTF Comanche VRC Inpu UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SF Succubus (INF) UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png KCSL Kama UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
EAF Stentor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTF Vampire SF Serpent UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png Lizard Huntercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
UEF Kentauroi UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png UEF Uhlan UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png Lizard Killercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
UEF Uriel UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTF Achilles UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png Lizard Swarmercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Agias UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTF Angel NF Banshee UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
FTFx Thor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png Pyro GX NF Phantasm UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Aurora UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png Spacesuit RLF Tigris UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Draco UTF Cherokee AKF Eitr UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Falcon UMS-BC.png TF Gefjon UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png HAF Super Sylph UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Ezechiel TF Ion HAF Yukikaze Mave UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
UEF Izra'il UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png GTF Atalanta HAF Vic Viper UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
TF Shrike UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png TF Mustang Alpha UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png HAF Rynex UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Kelpie TF Mustang Beta UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png FTF Astrogator
GTF Skjoldr GTF Durandal
GTF Leto GTVF Hestia
PTF Dustar‎

Bomber Craft

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
GTB Athena Mk2 GTB Hera (ED) GTVB Hesat UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SB Durja UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png AB Attis UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTB Hera (ED) UEB Lapith GVB Atlas SB Kahlan AB Satyr UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTB Hera (INF) UEB Vajradhara UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png GVB Petbe SB Kasdeya AB Zakros UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
FTB Saracen GTB Stheno UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png SB Vindhyachal Bek'Tah Bomber
GTB Rhea UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png UTB Navajo SB Yali NB Ghoul
GTB Azaes GTB Callisto Big Core‎
GTVB Chnubis UTB Yurok
GTB Diana TB-100 Arbalest
TB-112 Aries

Capital Ships (Cruisers, Corvettes, Frigates and Gunships)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
GTGs Prominence UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png UEC Sanctus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVC Mekhet SC Lamia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png AC Malia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
FTCv Tethys UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png FTFp Rhea UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png GVC Newet UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SGs Asura UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png ACv Phaistos UMS-WN.png
FTCa Tethys UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png GTCv Bellerophon UMS-WH.png GVC Asarte AKCs Iliaster UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
UEC Custos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTCv Chimera UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVC Naunet AKFf Adamantium UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
FTFf Impervious UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png GTCv Cobra GVCv Petbe AKCve Orichalcum UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTBC Blade FTFf Northampton UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png GVMCv Wepwawet KCSL Hecatos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTC Cretheus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTC Atlantis UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVCv Udjat BTDa Skeleton UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTC Garm UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTC Hyperion UMS-WH.png Hyperion
UEFg Karuna UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png UEFg Narayana UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTVFg Arpyia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTCv Diomedes
Phoenix Rising UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png UEFg Karuna MK2
GTCv Moscow FTDS Baikal
FTCVS Volga‎ UEC Custos-X
TCSF Ajax TCD Athena
TCC Aurora

Large Capital Ships (Carriers, Destroyers and Super Destroyers)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
GTSD Anchorage UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GTD Damocles UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GVD Apophis UMS-WH.png SCa Shiamak ACa Akrotiri UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTD Legion (Orion) GTD Henderson UMS-WN.png GVD Pharaoh UMS-WH.png SD Vassago UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png AD Achladia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTCa Canberra UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTCar Fury GVD Hathor UMS-WN.png AD Odigitria UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTTCa Hestia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png Morena MacDuff ASD Minos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTD Titan UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png UED Solaris UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png HEC Typhoon UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTD Raynor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GTHD Orion Mk2 AKBc Azoth UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
FD Vexor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png Emperor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTD Daegon UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png

Super Capital Ships (Battleships, Dreadnoughts and Juggernauts)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
GTVA Titan UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png TSJ Amaterasu UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png SJ Amritaya HEHc Hurricane V UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
SSJ Dante UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png

Installations (Dry Docks, Star Bases and Jump Gates)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
CI Haven GTI Nareos UMS-WH.png GVI Abthys SI Hara AKI Alkahest UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTI Whitehall UMS-WH.png GTI Asteria UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png GVI Cheops
GTI Polaris Gas Refinery UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVI Karnak UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTI Bretonia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png Alliance Jump Gate UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTDk Acropolis UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png Constellation UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png
GTDS Goliath UMS-WH.png Intrasystem Gate
FTI Dzungaria‎

Non-Combatants (Freighters, Transports and Auxilliaries)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
UES Aranyaka GTT Corsair UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GVT Qeb RLFr Margay UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTFr Demeter UET Kadmos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVT Sesmu Bek'Tah Support Ship UMS-WU.png
TG Bromios TSC Icarus GVSC Imhotep
UEA Oculus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png UEM Florence UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
GTDr Phidias UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTT Wyvern UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png
GTSh Mercury UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png GTFr Albanus

Other (Cargo Pods, Sentry Guns, Etc)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
Stalker Class Probe UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTSG Gunstar Vasudan Mine SSG Erebos RLCg A09
Cargo Platform UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png Modular Construction Kit UMS-WH.png GVSG Ammut SSG Somnath RLCg A17
TGas-1 UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png Gas Ring UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png