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Yo, I'm Nyctaeus or Nyx for short. I make ships. Shiny ships. For shiny projects... And sometimes for standard ones too.

About Me

  • I'm freelance graphic designer with professional artistic education, but I still produce very ugly things from time to time.
  • I live somewhere in central Poland and I'm slavic by ethnicity.
  • I like joking about my country much more, then I like Poland itself.
  • I don't speak english, but I speak polgrish instead. Polgrish is my custom language consisted of english vocabulary with polish sentence syntax.
    • Of course I often misspell english words too.
  • I love beer, but hate vodka. So I'm rather poor slav.
  • I don't think that Skyrim is the best RPG in the world.
  • I think UEF should conquer the GTVA.
  • I hate winter.
  • I love cats.
  • I think Bryan See developed The Search for Bosch.
  • I'm zen buddhist.
  • I joke a lot but also I have a bad sense of humor.
  • I'm lazy. Lots of released ships doesn't change a thing.
  • I copy ideas for personal page from Droid803.


  • Modelling
  • Unwraping and UV arrangement.
    • I tilerape! And I unwrap things into existing UV textures.
  • Texturing
    • I know PBR. A little...
  • Conversion
  • POFing
  • Kitbashing
  • Tabling
  • FREDing
    • Caveman-level
  • Making nebula skyboxes.
    • And planets! And stars! Shiny stars!
  • Making static effects.
  • Making icons
    • Shield, briefing, whatever. Icons are cool.

Personal Projects


See also: Into the Dark Waters

"What if everything you have to protect your home... Is not enough?"
Type: Complete Mod
Number of Missions: 27
Basic Info: BSG- and Homeworld-inspired, dark history about Shivan invasion on Sol system in 2367. Two rivalring terran superpowers - Outer Rim Syndicate and Earth Federated Nations signed a ceasefire to repel the enemy, but both factions are exhausted by many years of war. Remaining terrans decided to commence unusual operation called Project Moyses to ensure survival of humankind.
Status: Act I Released
Plans: Act II - Exile: The Schism is planned, but currently there is no active development.

Shadow Genesis

"Join the Wolf's Fleet. No matter what you've done before, it's like a tabula rasa for people like you."
Type: Complete Mod
Number of Missions: 43 + 4
Basic Info: The GTVA must face the Cerberus Legacy - a dangerous terrorist organization. The goal of Cerberus is claiming mysterious, ancient artifacts from recently-colonized systems known as Wolf's Group. Post-Capella mod with tactical gameplay, quite big missions and high difficulty level.
Status: Released
Plans: No longer developed and inactive.

Projects I'm [or was] Involved

Independent Asset Releases

Terran Ships:
GTC Bellerophon || GTT Anteros || GTF Hydra || GTF Vali || GTCv Eurynome || EFC Evangelist || EFFg Solomon || GTSD Anchorage || GTCa Sagittarius || GTL Latona
Vasudan Ships:
PVD Atum
Shivan Ships:
SCv Scylla || SC Raguel
Other Stuff:
FractalSpace - Apophysis Skydome Pack || Ancient Ships Releases || Various Old Conversions || Great War=themed Shippack