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Hello there! I'm pretty new to the FS2/FSO community, and I've been very impressed and inspired by it from the beginning.

I apologize up front if I sometimes come across as abrasive/argumentative/absolutist--it is part of a myriad of mental health conditions that I have made and am making a lot of progress on, but I can still get carried away or not think things through on occasion. I really do mean well, and I am working on it.

I'm currently starting to learn FRED2, though I enjoy giving feedback on a variety of areas--story, gameplay, design, and more--so if I'm being helpful or being more annoying than constructive, please let me know.

Mods I've currently played:

Blue Planet (Age of Aquarius and War In Heaven part 1, as well as the awesome ship-command standalone mission "The Blade Itself")
Silent Threat: Reborn
Wings of Dawn
Vasudan Imperium
Vassago's Dirge
The Antagonist
Luyten Civil War
Procyon Insurgency
Inferno R1
and Burning Heaven

(..and of course, FS2 and the FSO-port of FS1.)

I do have quite a bit (for a 20-year-old) of writing experience, in both fiction and utility-form writing. I've done reporting and newswriting, editorial and column articles, entertainment reviews, features and profiles, several different kinds of interviews, section- and school newspaper-level editing, layout, aesthetic design, and management, as well as a few novels' worth of fiction writing as a hobby and for practice. So, if you're looking for someone with any of those skills (and/or to apply them in other specific ways), shoot me an email/PM.

Good day, sir.