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(test edit if this removes me from the History category)

About me

I am also known as TopAce on the Hard Light Productions forums. I contributed in great part in converting the contents of the old FS Wikipedia into this new, enhanced one. My biggest project in expanding the Wiki is probably the History category. I am almost finished with it, but I still would like to improve on it.

Given the fact I am not a native English speaker, my articles are not flawless in the terms of grammar, or sometimes spelling. I take no offense if you correct them as long as you make it in a friendly way.

To be written

To be improved


Grammar evolves; how old is your book? But, yes, actually it does matter how something sounds spoken aloud. If you want your spoken language to sound stilted or stylized that's your problem, but don't come complaining to me when other people come along and decide it sounds just like what I said. - ngtm1r