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Perhaps introductions are in order, I'm Wanderer and go with the same nick in HLP forums as well as at Sectorgames and Game Warden (and also at SCP site, Mantis...). In real life i'm 24 and i study, teach noobs (freshmen) or work (alternating efficiently) in the department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry at University of Turku (Finland), doing the stuff you see when you are watching the CSI...

I'm mainly a table editor as my graphical or modelling skills are a bit lacking. I'm lazy FREDder but if i must i can build missions. I also work as table editor and general henchman for Starfox: Shadows of Lylat mod.

I'll consentrate to tables as that is the part of the game i know something about. And that is the part i can use to my own benefit... I think i'll put my efforts into an attempt to build a standardized table references. I have just had a feeling that i have been for far too long just leaching from the community so now i have decided to do a something for the community...