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I see that you have uploaded this rather nice image of the UEB Vajradhara, but it is not linked, so since it's still here and considerably relevant to Blue Planet, why not make use of it? Here on FSWiki, good-quality images, such as yours, are highly valued as they add a bit more "colour" to articles.

Right now, the Vajradhara article has two images. If you count this one, that would make three. Since one image should be at the top of the image, two of the other images could be placed elsewhere to avoid clutter. I would suggest leaving MatthTheGeek's screenshot up there and put this image you uploaded, as well as the older ship image, uploaded by me, into a Gallery section directly above the Veteran Comments section.

It's not a difficult task, and it's also not something you need to do, just a suggestion, but if you do think it's worth it, take a look at the GTD Orion article and figure it out from there; that's how I got things done back when I started editing this Wiki. If you still need help with this, feel free to leave a comment on my talk page. Don't worry too much about the small number of images; the GVF Serapis only has one in its Gallery section. -- Androgeos Exeunt 18:43, 11 September 2012 (UTC)

Followed the suggestion. I was also thinking of making a ship comparison table (for retail FS1/2 and Blue Planet) in the vein of weapon comparison, so you don't have to see ship statistics by looking through each ship's page. - Black Yoshi, 11 Sept 2012 (14:48 PDT)

Following this, I think it is important to not clutter user-made ship pages with different versions of the same ship if you don't put relevant links at the bottom. I do NOT mean that putting pics for different versions is bad. Just put relevant links, to release thread and/or download, much like I did for the GTF Vampire, for example. Remember people don't usually go in the User-made ship list to look at pretty pictures, they go there to shop for ships to put in their mod :) - MatthTheGeek

+ Noted. I wonder why you didn't do it for the GTF Apollo with the LT-Ash variant. Unless retail ships follow some sort of other pattern. - Black Yoshi, 11:54 PDT, 5 Oct 2012