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*Weapon alternates firing points [[Weapons.tbl#.22cycle.22|(Cycle)]]
===Veteran Comments===
===Veteran Comments===
[[Category: Wings of Dawn Weapons]]
[[Category: Wings of Dawn Weapons]]

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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

Developed in NC0096 by Terran engineers, the League Star Forces Energy Weapon, Model 2 Type A Ion Particle BurstWeapon (shortened to VX-02a) is the standard issue energy weapon serviced by the LSF. Its ease to cheaply mass produce, easy maintaining, high reliability, and an overall well-rounded weapon makes it loved by engineer and pilot alike.

The VX-02a fires rapid successions of focused ion particles off of one gunpoint at a time, allowing each port some time to radiate off the heat generated while waiting for the next shot.



Range 805 m
Rate of Fire 2 shots per second
Velocity 700 ms-1
Base Damage 50
Armor Damage 1.0x 50
Shield Damage 0.8x 40
Subsystem Damage 0.35x 17.5


  • Weapon alternates firing points (Cycle)

Veteran Comments

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