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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

Designed in NC0139 to be the successor to the VX-02. The VX-153 deals more damage and packs enough punch to knock a enemy fighter off course. Unfortunatly the VX-153 has yet to gain the popularity that the VX-02 enjoys. The reasons for that being that the VX-153 is more prone to breaking down after extensive use, requires more maintenance and the weapon puts more strain on the fighter's generator. Regardless the VX-153 is a potent weapon that will surely see upgrades and improvements in the nearby future.



Range 600 m
Rate of Fire 2 shots per second
Velocity 625 ms-1
Base Damage 100
Armor Damage 0.75x 75
Shield Damage 1.0x 100
Subsystem Damage 0.35x 35


  • Weapon alternates firing points (Cycle)

Veteran Comments

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Even after acquiring this weapon, I continued to use the VX-02a simply because you can kill stuff faster with it. The kinetic effect of this weapon allows the AIs to turn around and start shooting at you. Hardly a weapon I would want to use.