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Celestial Information

  • Distance from Sol: 25.30 lyrs, 7.756 par
  • Type of System: Singluar
  • Color: A0-White Main Sequence
  • Right Ascension: 18h 36m 56.332s
  • Declination: +38° 47' 1.17"

Important Events

  • The PVD Typhon was first sighted during 'The Vega Engagement' during the TV War, resulting ing the destruction of the GTD Eisenhower and decimation of the 4th fleet (as described in the Typhon techroom description) took place during this engagement.
  • Along with Beta Cygni, cited as one of the first systems attacked by the Shivans.
  • (25/1/2335) The 3rd fleet (GTA) is reported as having lost the GTD Amadeus in Vega at some point prior to the joint Terra-Vasudan declaration of war on the Shivans.
  • (15/2/2335) The Vasudan fleet was decimated by a Hammer of Light attack in Vega.
  • The GTD Bastion was transferred to Vega at some point between FS1 and FS2. Vega remains the 4th fleets' base.
  • The players training missions 'take place' in Vega at the beginning of FS2.
  • Home of the 4th Fleet in Freespace 2
  • GTVA refugees were evacuated to Vega and Epsilon Pegasi during the Shivan invasion and subsequent destruction of Capella.
  • The Shivans launched a 'massive attack' upon the Vega node whilst the Bastion was being deployed in Capella to destroy the Epsilon Pegasi.
  • During the same time period, the GTD Nereid was sent(laden with Meson Bombs) from Vega to destroy the node connection to Capella.
  • The Meson Bomb was developed at the Hideki Institute in Vega.

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