Vishnan Missile

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Blue Planet Tech Room Description

Vishnan fighter-mounted missile systems are twice as powerful as our own. The guidance system is unknown, but the warhead appears to be a variant on the Pauli exclusion bomb principle used in most Vishnan weapons. Although sophisticated, it is interesting to note that Vishnan weapons - unlike their Shivan counterparts - seem to be performing at maximum ability. The Vishnans display considerably reduced technological diversity compared to the Shivans.



Range ? m
Reload time 2 s
Velocity 300 ms-1
Base Damage 200
Armor Damage Full 200
Shield Damage Good 160
Subsystem Damage Average 100
Shockwave Radius 20 / 40 m
Type: Aspect Seeking
View Cone: N / A
Minimum Lock Time: 2.0 s
Turn Rate (360 degrees): 1.0 s

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