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Originally, weapon_expl.tbl recorded the number of LODs for each explosion image. As of this writing, however, Fs2_open no longer needs or even uses weapon_expl.tbl; it detects LODs automatically, based on the filename.

Regardless, when FS2 searches for additional LODs, it will use the animation with the specified name for LOD0, and then use "NAME_#" for additional LODs.

  • Example: ExpMissileHit1.eff (LOD 0), ExpMissileHit1_1.eff (LOD1)

General Format

There is really only one section of weapon_expl.tbl, and that section has exactly one entry type.

  • #Start
  • The list of all weapon effects entries
  • #End

Weapon Effect


  • Defines which explosion file this entry is for
  • Syntax: filename


  • Defines how many LODs this explosion file has (up to 4)
  • Syntax: Number, of LODs.


  $Name:      ExpMissileHit1
  $LOD:       3