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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

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Fighter squadron: None given.

Description: The Indus is sent to make contact with a Vasudan logistics vessel.


The securing of the GTL Agincourt for the UEF was a phenomenal coup for TF Wargods. Admirals Netreba and Calder had planned to use the ship for continued offensives against the GTVA; however, Admiral Byrne and the Council of Elders had other plans for the logistics ship. After long negotiations, Netreba and Calder surrender the Agincourt for use in the Federation Science Council's ongoing secret project. However, Second and Third Fleets gain autonomy for military decisions; non-military decisions, of course, remain the purview of the Council of Elders. In a communique to Admirals Netreba and Calder, Admiral Byrne rebukes them for their recklessness during the operation to secure the Agincourt, putting their lives and themselves in danger. He also expresses dismay at the general strategy they have chosen to pursue and their lack of faith in the Elders' decisions, restating that "this war shall never be won by force of arms".

As this all is happening, Admiral Steele has put in motion a contingency plan to compensate for the loss of the Agincourt, calling on the Vasudans for logistical support. As a result, the Vasudan logistics vessel Pesedjet has entered the Sol system. Not long after this, it was attacked by units of the Gaian Effort. How exactly the Gefs managed to get hold of the GTVA's ship movement orders remains a mystery; nevertheless, the Indus is sortied to drive off the Gefs, establish contact with the Vasudans, and ascertain the Imperium's intentions.


This is more of a story mission than a straight-up dogfight. It's probably best to take the Kent for this mission. The standard loadout should be adequate, but you may want to swap out the Javelins with some Grimlers.

You start in the fighter bay of the Indus. Head out, and there are two wings of Gef Scimitars plus a transport attached to the Pesedjet. Engage the Gef forces; when they take enough casualties, they will jump out. There will be some dialogue while the Indus sends out a medical transport, the Littman. After a minute or two, the GTVA corvette Arethusa will jump in with a wing of Persei. Simms will order a weapons hold as the Littman docks with the Pesedjet.

If the weapons hold, um, holds, more dialogue ensues; the captains of the Indus and the Arethusa arguing as the Pesedjet burns. Eventually, they enter a truce; the Indus will see to the crew of the Pesedjet while the Arethusa sends an engineering team (aboard the transport Sampson) to make sure the logistics ship's reactor doesn't blow. Both ships jam the other's long-range comms to prevent them from signaling from reinforcements. It looks like that things will turn out OK after all...until the artillery frigate Hesperia jumps in and starts tearing the Tev corvette a new one. Everyone goes weapons free, so you're free to fire on the Tevs or not. It ends with the Arethusa being destroyed, her escort getting splashed, and the Sampson surrendering.

When challenged by Captain Sorenson, the skipper of the Hesperia explains that Admiral Calder sent her out there when they lost contact with the Indus to see what was up, and that, as they were ignorant of any cease-fire approved by command, they were in the right to destroy the hostile warship. While this is happening, you get an encrypted transmission from the Pesedjet, which you accept and keep secret. At that point, there's not much else to do; land in the fighter bay of the Indus when prompted to end the mission.


  • This mission opens up a new entry in the Intelligence section of the Tech Room, where it is revealed that the transmission received in the mission was a set of schematics for some kind of quantum pulse transmission device. This could possibly be a device related to Project Nagari.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 4 GTF Perseus
    • Scorpio (4)
      • Led by Lt. Fabian "Anansi" Kurinadi, 181st Bloodletters