Wings of Dawn Ships

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Here is the listing of all the ships that officially appeared in Wings of Dawn and some that will appear in Wings of Dawn 2. Note that these ships are named as they are in the currently developed Wings of Dawn 2. Ships that have been seen in trailers and screenshots from Wings of Dawn 2 are listed here as well.

CANON SHIPS ONLY HERE. If one wishes to add a fan made fighter for the Wings of Dawn universe, put them in User-made_Ships under the Other section and (if one wants) specify the ship as being made with Wings of Dawn in mind.

Ship List

Terran (UEU) Terran (LSF) Cyrvan Cordi
UEU Ray LSF Ray MkIII CSA Aestival R4 STTQ Soldier
Star LSF Ray MkIII-E CSA Aestival R6 STTQ Warrior
Node station LSF Ray MkIII-W CSA Zervium STTQ Gaster (Gunship)
UEU Explorer LSF Ray MkIII-WE CSA Starlight STTQ Alate
SCC MkII LSF Ray MkIV STTQ Broodlord (Mothership)
LSF Caliburn
LSF Caliburn-C
LSF Caliburn-D
LSF Kaze
LSF Kaze-B
LSF Hazel-D
LSF Skirmisher
LSF Challenger
LSF Challenger II
LSF Crusader
LSF Champion
LSF Guardian Angel
Civilian transport
Civilian medical transport
Civilian cargo hauler
Civilian supply ship

Fura'ngle Zy Nordera Hertak Other
FSGF Sweeper ZGF Talon Nordera Pillager Hertak Ravager Prometheus frame
FSGF Astray ZGF Azure Nordera Bombardier Hertak Drone
FSGF Diva ZGF Chaos Nordera Plunderer Hertak Turret
FSGF Adasya Nordera Battleaxe Hertak Armageddon
FSGF Arbiter Nordera Blacksmith