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9th Fleet is a mod by Eolis.


Chapter 1: Testing on the GTD Zeus takes place. Meanwhile, the GTVA discovers a Knossos. They also uncover a Lucifer class destroyer (called SD Beelzebub). Allied forces manage to capture the Beelzebub. They also discover the TSF and the TSD Apocalypse.

Chapter 2, GTVA branch : Destruction of the TSF fleet (Battle of Endor Syndrome ) Destruction of the TSD Archangel Capture of the TSD Apocalypse and exploration of what lies beyond the Knossos gate. Discovery of two new Knossos gates Battle of the Knossosses Exploration of the Knossoses, loss of the GTD Zeus

Chapter 2, TSF branch: Attack of the GTI S.R.I. War against GTVA Destruction of the GTD Loraine Destruction of the GTD Zeus GTVA reprisals Exodus toward Knossos Shivan reprisals

This campaign takes place shortly after the destruction of Capella, a testing fleet made for the new GTD Zeus( a Hades-class destroyer) will fight with the Shivans led by the Lucifer-class destroyer, the SD Beelzebub. The Terrans then replicate the Lucifer's shielding technology and apply it to the Hecate-class and the GTD Zeus, but a big surprise is awaiting the GTVA: Bosch has allied with the Shivans!

Highlights for the mod '9th Fleet'

New Weapons


  • GTW Subach MG-8 (MG-9, MG-10)
    • A Gatling gun with a high rate of fire (100 per second) but with limited ammunition.
  • GTB Cyclope SSM
  • GTM Cyclone
    • Anti-cruiser rocket.


  • BMekhu
    • A beam cannon for fighters


  • Bshivan
    • A Shivan beam cannon that can be mounted on a fighter. (Same as the BMekhu, but red)
  • Shivan Mega Flak
    • All in the name.
  • Shivan SSM
    • A Shivan anti-fighter subspace missile.
  • Shivan Rockeye
    • A Shivan corkscrew Rockeye.

New Ships


  • GTF Myrmidon G
    • A Table hack of GTF Myrmidon made for support that can only be armed with Gatling guns.


  • SS Krishna
    • Shivan support ship. (I don't know the way to make it, but I'm currently researching on how to make one)

New Textures

  • Glow map for SF Scorpion
  • Glow map for SF Gorgon
  • Glow map for PVI Karnak and Karnak reactor
  • Shine map for PVI Karnak
  • Glow and shine map for Vasudan asteroid base
  • Normal map for Myrmidon
  • Normal map for GTD Hecate