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  • Mods: FreeSpace 1 content
  • Staff: Galemp, Goober5000
  • Missions: 30

The FreeSpace Port or FreeSpace Conversion is a user-made FreeSpace 2 port of the main Descent: FreeSpace campaign. It was originally created as a solo project by GalacticEmperor (later Galemp) in 2002 and then turned into a collaboration when Goober5000 joined the team. The package ports all the mission, ship, and weapon data from Descent: FreeSpace to FreeSpace 2 format, thus allowing FreeSpace 2 players to use ships and weapons from Descent: FreeSpace.

While the FSPort uses many user-made graphical enhancements, it remains compatible with the retail version of FreeSpace 2. A separate MediaVP is downloadable from the project's website that enables high-polycount FreeSpace 1-era ships, and the official MediaVPs also make some further graphical enhancements. Optionally, users can also choose to download the FSPort's custom interface art, which, although not an accurate representation of FreeSpace 1's interface, manages to evoke the atmosphere of FreeSpace 1. Furthermore, music tracks from the old game are also converted. As a separate download, users may also download the official voice files that came with the two official campaigns. Command briefing animations are also downloadable in yet another separate VP file.

As far as gameplay is concerned, the FreeSpace Port has, for the most part, not changed from the official FreeSpace 1 campaign. The most major changes are the addition of background bitmaps and a credit mission after Good Luck. The upcoming release will have a few additional tweaks such as Return to Base directives in every mission. It is also worth noting that the Interceptor missile has become more accurate, because FreeSpace 2 engine uses an advanced tracking method for aspect-seeking missiles.

The official Silent Threat campaign, in its entirety, has also been converted, and is available with the main FSPort download. However, unlike the main FreeSpace 1 campaign, the authors did not add enhanced backgrounds to these missions. Silent Threat was itself completely remade as Silent Threat: Reborn, the FreeSpace Port's flagship campaign. Development took six years, from late 2002 to December 2008.

The project also upgrades several FS1 campaigns like Cardinal Spear and several ship models like the PVI Karnak that, although not present in the main FS1 campaign, are often used in FS1-era custom campaigns.

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