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Binary filetypes

*.VP - Container format used to package all kinds of files for release. (You may say a Freespace ZIP file)
*.POF - Stores model geometry information for all objects in-game (ie ships, asteroids, etc)
*.PLR/*.PL2 - Store player progress information
*.CSG/*.CSS - Store campaign progress(CSG)/scoring(CSS) information (Obsolete)
*.CS2 - Stores campaign progress and scoring data
*.IBX - Caches model geometry data for fast loading
*.ANI - Animation files
.PCX - Retail FreeSpace's texture file type
.TGA, .JPG, .PNG and .DDS - Extra texture files supported by SCP

ASCII/Text filetypes

*.FS2 - Mission files
*.TBL - Store statistics on all kinds of things *.TBM - Extend table data modularly
*.EFF - Stores information on animated effects