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This article is about the user-made campaign. For the plot development in Silent Threat, see Hades Rebellion.


Status: Incomplete. Approximately 50% of all missions are finished.
Mod Included: Some, including new music.

  • Nuclear1 - Project Leader, FRED, Story
  • Freespacegundam - FRED
  • Deathscyth-Hell - Story
  • Ransom Arceihn - Renders
  • Singh - Music

Release Date: To Be Determined


The End of the Great War

With the destruction of the Shivan Superdestroyer Lucifer and consequently the collapse of the jump node to Sol, the GTA had won a Phyrric victory over the Shivan Armada. While the Shivan fleet posed no more of a fleet without the Lucifer, the price of the victory came at a high price. Due to the cataclysmic subspace destruction of the Lucifer, the jump node to Sol became increasingly unstable until it finally collapsed a matter of weeks later.
The collapse of the jump node was a strike at GTA morale and stability. In the months following the reports of the destruction of the jump node, thousands of homesick Terran colonists committed suicide. The GTA, in the end, found itself pressed to try to handle the enormous amounts of political instabilities and riots on the outer worlds.
Despite the loss of their homeworld, the Vasudans fared much better than the GTA in the period after the war. With their new government established on Aldebaran III, the Vasudan government established political and economic reforms in order to help the staggering Vasudan economy grow back to its former power. Additionally, the PVN made itself known well in policing the Terran and Vasudan systems, ending piracy in the inner worlds and settling coup de'tats in the fringe colonies. The Antares Federation, founded shortly after the end of the war, was one example of such rebellions.

Galactic Terran Intelligence

The Intelligence branch of the Galactic Terran Alliance, unlike the rest of the Terran fleet, has suffered very little from the destruction of Earth. With headquarters currently based in Ikeya, Delta Serpentis, and Deneb, the GTI have had little reason to have concern for the destruction of the Sol jump node.
It has been rumored among Terrans and Vasudans that the GTI has built its way up to a military strength of its own, using state-of-the-art weapons and ship technologies to forge a fleet more powerful than both the PVN and the GTA combined. While its progress has been praised by both governments, many suspect that the GTI's motives have been less-than-admirable. It has been said that the GTI, in order to build up to its current status, has had to engage in illegal embezzling and criminal activities, which the GTA government has denied vehemontly. Whether the accusations hold ground or not is currently unknown; the GTI have no doubt, however, built up a strong presence in both political and military standpoints.
The military strength and political power of the former branch of the GTA has been questioned of late, however, with the rise of the newer leadership within GTI ranks. The current acting-head of the Intelligence branch, Vice Admiral Gerald Sandstein, has been questioned regarding his methods of ending political dissension in the GTA fringe worlds, the most violent stemming from the Regulus Incident, where GTI forces opened fire on and destroyed a convoy carrying political respresentatives of a suspected coup. Though the intelligence given to the GTI forces was flawless, the GTA has openly condemned the Intelligence branch for its methods, categorizing it as a "threat to the democratic processes of the Alliance".
With this and other incidents rapidly occuring throughout the Terran and Vasudan worlds, the galaxy has begun to question the motives of the GTI. Many who defend the GTI's actions state that the violence associated with the acts have been done solely in the interests of peace and stability for all Terrans in this time. Others, however, have been quick to the condemn the GTI as criminals, some even going so far as to refer to them as traitors. With very little to go on and little to stop the rapidly-growing former branch, these voices have all-but been ignored by the GTA government. The protestors and supporters alike have faced those in the middle of the crisis with one question:

Where's your loyalty?

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