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Mad Bomber's Alternative Theory of Shivan Subspace Sensitivity

I has been theorized that it was the GTA and PVN's use of subspace during the 14-Year War that caused the Shivans to notice them and invade that area of the galaxy. However, others note that it took the Shivans much longer than 14 years to respond to the Ancients' use of subspace.

In fact, if the records are to be believed, it was not until after the Ancients had built and used something that stabilized a node to another galaxy, that the Shivans began attacking them. ("When we conquered and colonized galaxies where we had no place.") This event is, probably, the powerup of their first Knossos that attracted the Shivans, same as what happened in Gamma Drac in 2367 when the Trinity found and turned on that one.

The Shivans are attracted not just by generic subspace usage, but by Massive Subspace ScrewupsTM. The GTA or PVN did something that qualified; perhaps staging large numbers of ships through a node at once, perhaps the disappearing Talania system's nodes collapsing. I submit as further evidence the Sathanes's seeming indifference to the Terran forces that engaged them.