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Maja Express is a utility tool by WMCoolmon that allows modders to create, read, and edit VP files.


Maja Express has one main window that is complemented by two side windows.

  • The Editor (Main Window) opens the file that you click on. Supported extensions are PCX files and all text-only files. The Editor lets you edit text-only files, but in order to save it, you must specify an output path. An output path points to a directory where you Maja will export the files you edit in this window and click on Save.
  • The upper-left side window is the Entities Tree, which is for browsing files within the VP. It is in this window that you import/export files. Most of your VP work will take place here.
  • The window below it is the Output window which is essentially a log file that registers operations initiated by Maja.


By default, your Entities Tree window is empty. You must import some files first before you can begin to work.

  • Import File(s) will import one or more selected files. This feature is used when you want to add files to your VP. Click on the folder that you want to contain the file(s), right-click on Import File(s), select the file(s) you want to import, then press Import.
  • Import Directory will let you import an entire directory into your VP file. Click on "data" and import the directory you need.
  • Import Package could as well be called "Open VP"; it is used to import an entire VP file with all its content.


If you want your changes to take effect, you must export the files you have changed.

  • Export Package is basically "Save VP". Click on "data" and then Export Package. Give a name to your VP and click Export. If you already have a VP, it is recommended to not overwrite the one that you have opened, as you may have messed something up.
  • Export File is used if you want to extract files from the VP, which you will modify outside Maja.
  • Export Directory is the same as above, just with directories.


  • Sometimes the program may crash upon importing/exporting. Use CTRL-ALT-DEL to terminate the program then re-run it.