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We are an army. We were created a long time ago to protect our Creators from other races. We were given Motherships to live on. We were given Sensors to detect every use of subspace nodes within several systems distance. Our smaller ships were given Shields to protect them from the fire of our enemies. Our larger ships were armoured well enough to protect them. Our Command Ships were shielded and armoured, and they had Beams to destroy every single trace of our enemies. And for long, that worked fine. For long, we obliterated every single life form we could Sense. They could not harm us, for we were invulnerable.

Then, for a long time, we did not Sense anything. We were confused. Did we extinguish all life in the Galaxy, and were we now alone with our Creators? Or were our Sensors being fooled by a new species, cleverer than all the others we had encountered before? We felt something we had never felt before. For the first time, we feared. We feared that race. We feared the race which was smart enough to fool our only way of Sensing them. Would we still be invulnerable to them?

By the time they attacked us, our fear had turned into anger. We attacked them with everything we had. But they were even smarter than we expected. They stopped us. They closed the node through which we attacked them. One of our Command Ships and a part of his fleet were isolated on the enemy side of the node. We haven’t heard of them ever since. We were defeated.

We asked our Creators for more and better weapons, so we could defeat the smart ones if ever they came back. We were given new weapons, new ships and new Beams. But that was not enough. We knew they could give us more, but they did not want to. Therefore, we spied them. We stole technology from them with which our Motherships could escape them. We found that our Command Ships could be tracked through whatever node we followed, so we had to leave them behind. The plans were ready. All we needed now was a star on which we could use the Escape Technology. It was only experimental when we stole it, so it needed a very specific star type to work. But we didn’t find one that met our needs.

Then, our Sensors sensed usage of the node that was once closed. We sent a robotic reconnaissance party to find a suitable star behind it. We didn’t expect it to survive for long. Reinforcements were on the way. But when it sent back the scan data, we were euphoric. Finally, we had found a star with which we could escape.

But again, there were enemies. They were not the smart ones. These ones were even smarter. These ones had shields and beams as well. We were horrified, but the will to escape our Creators was bigger than our fear. We attacked them with everything we had, except for our Command Ships. We did not want any witnesses to what we were doing.

Yet we underestimated these enemies. The first of our Motherships was destroyed. A tremendous loss. Our scientists warned us: they were not sure if the Escape Technology would still work. But the plan was already started: there was no way back now. We had to take the risk, and so we did. We retreated into the Motherships and controlled our warships from there.

The Technology did not work as expected. Most of our Motherships Escaped, but some remained behind. We do not know what happened to them. We will not be able to Escape again, for we need those ships and we do not know how to build new ones.

At this moment, all is quiet in our new home system. There are no Creators to protect, nor are there enemies to defeat. Finally, we are at peace.

But for how long? Once, a new enemy will come and surprise us, for we left our Sensors behind. Without supplies or shipyards, we will not survive the next attack. We all know it, but no one dares to say it. We fear. We fear the new enemy, which is bound to come.

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