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All information related to the EAF Claymore is non-canon.
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This article is about the Earth Alliance fighter in Inferno Release 1. For other uses, see Claymore.
EAF Claymore Mk1. in INFR1
The Claymore I from Nostos.
The Talos from the Dysnomia Dump.


INFR1 Tech Room Description

The EAF's primary fighter, the Claymore, is a great example of what a light fighter should be. She can run rings around most of our older units, and her Trident missiles make her a fast nightmare to our Vesuvius units. Although we suspect the Claymore was designed for recon missions, the fighter is a very capable interceptor. The only stumbling block for this nimble machine is its paper-thin shielding and armor.

Inferno Nostos Description

The sleek Claymore forms the heart of the EA's fighter corps. Light, fast and extremely nimble, the Claymore lacks the unique maneuverability of the Mihos but is slightly faster, evening out performance. In the EA-GTVA war the Claymore has claimed more kills than any other Earth fighter, partially due to its numbers, but mostly due to its incredible flight characteristics.

Credits List

  • Model by Aldo
  • 2011 dump base mesh by Aldo, modified by Woomeister
  • Talos version by Nyctaeus



Type Recon/Interceptor
Manufacturer Earth Alliance
Maneuverability Excellent
Max Velocity 105.0 - 130.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 170.0 mps
Armor Light
Hitpoints 290
Shields 250
Length 19 m


Default Statistics Inferno: Nostos
Bank Guns Standard Loadout Bank Guns Standard Loadout Capacity
1st 1 Prom ADV 1st 2 Avenger II 400
2nd 2 Avenger T2 1st 2 Shrieker 400
Compatible Primaries Compatible Primaries
Subach HL-12, Avenger T2, Adv Disruptor, Mace, Prometheus, Prom ADV Avenger II, Shrieker, Mace, Devastator, Aratrum
Default Statistics Inferno Nostos
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 40 Trident 1st 40 Hunter
Compatible Secondaries Compatible Secondaries
Hurricane, Shocker, Trident, Sniper, Hornet, Stinger, EMP Adv. Hunter, Warrior, Stinger


Veteran Comments

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The Claymore has all the strengths--and if you're a GTVA pilot--all the annoying qualities--of the Shivan SF Dragon, and then some. It is fast enough to outrun almost any GTVA fighter, turns on a dime, and has an incredibly small target profile. The Claymore is easily one of the hardest ships to hit in any mod due to its tiny size and thin profile. It's best to forget about guns and just unload Shockers on it and hope they hit.

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