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trueSpace is a 3D modeling tool, created by Caligari, Inc.


TrueSpace remains—while arguably limited and cumbersome—one of the most popular 3D modeling tools, mainly due to the price; nothing. There's very few programs and/or applications around that can beat trueSpace in the price department.

The most recent freeware version is 7.6. The second most recent freeware release was 3.2, which was used very often by the FreeSpace community. All FS fan-made tutorials were written with 3.2 in mind, and, because of the radically changed interface in 7.6, are no longer up-to-date. Interface in 7.6 may be hard to master after having gotten used to that of 3.2. Installing 7.6 requires you to get rid of 3.2, and due to the lack of 3.2 mirrors, you may no longer be able to revert back to 3.2 as soon as you have installed 7.6.


There are numerous resources available for trueSpace, too numerous to mention here.

One of the most commonly used one is TrueView, which allows the user to easily keep track of mesh hierarchies. For a FreeSpace modeler, it is pivotal to set up hierarchies in a given way, otherwise turrets or debris won't work.

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