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The VSlash is a medium beam cannon used by the Vasudans in FreeSpace 2. The signature weapon of the GVCv Sobek, two of these form the main anti-capital ship capabilities of the corvette class.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2



Range 4 000 m
Recharge Time 10 s
Beam Lifetime 2 s
Type: Slashing
Shots 1
Damage per second 4 125
Damage per second (sustained) 825
Damage per pulse 8 250


Veteran Comments

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The major trouble with all "slash" type beams is that they are inconsistent. The beams tend to slash past their target, sometimes inflicting more or less damage, whereas solid beams, however statistically inferior, either hits or misses, and usually hits. As far as slash beams, go the VSlash is pretty good, and the GVCv Sobek often uses them to good effect.

Unlike the Terran version, this one packs a meaner punch, and while there is debate on whether the TerSlash is stronger than the Shivan SRed, here there is less of a debate as the VSlash does do more damage. In the mission Speaking in Tongues, a Sobek corvette is pitted against an SCv Moloch and despite the Moloch's SReds pointing at the Sobek, the Sobek can overwhelm the Moloch using only its VSlash turrets.